SYNERGY art project

Monday, August 15, 2005

The First Meeting

Finally! I was so happy to meet the artists yesterday. We had some very interesting discussion for a couple of hours. Everyone shared their point of view, talked about writing a mission statement and described a brief overview of their art.
I started writing this blog because I'm hoping to get across my intentions, and the nature of this project. SYNERGY is not a known entity, because it has never been done before. This is not a competition or a show that has the same parameters as those which have previously transpired.
Evolving Perceptions is the non profit that sets up certain guidelines in terms of SYNERGY having the right foundation.In order for SYNERGY to be viable to the grant making agencies, we needed to have a qualified jury to select the participants. Maryam Ovissi, who is the chairperson of Evolving Perceptions, has been involved with art curating and artists all of her life, as her father is a well known artist. So, I depend on Maryam to keep us within the guidelines of what is appropriate for SYNERGY to function as a viable project.
As an artist, I want the same things for the participating artists, that I would want for myself. Originally, I planned to be a participant. This project has come a long way, and now I find myself to be the facilitator. This is fine. I'm happy to work with artists, because what I want is to learn from everyone.
I am an artist with an idea, who has been very persistant in following through with it. I am not an art commission. I've spent more than a year with no compensation to try to get a movement going to spark some art energy into this region. It's the intuitive connection that I'm looking for, not the intellectual one.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Beyond Synergy

WOW.......I've been trying to post for 3 days. I changed my password and I think it will work now.
The opening of Beyond Synergy at Ann C. Fisher Gallery in Georgetown was very well attended. I was pleased to meet the artists and very happy that they got this opportunity by applying to the SYNERGY project. The art is diverse and interesting. The artists will be gallery sitting on Saturdays, so go see the show and meet them.
This is an invitation to the Beyond Synergy artists:
Please comment and tell us about your art making process and what you think of the art in the show. Feel free to include your websites.

Sunday, August 07, 2005



Saturday, July 30, 2005


Sometimes, when consciousness hits me first thing in the morning, I go to the easel or to the keyboard. If I am creating a body of work for a showing, I might find myself at twilight still in bedclothes and covered in paint. I like to get my creative consciousness flowing before daily BS sets in, so I can stay in the "zone". What I am trying to acheive in a painting or express in words comes out more honest before the daily grind.
Today when I woke up, the first thoughts were " because I need to accomplish something." It's a "time of life" kind of thought. I can look back and seperate my life into decades. I lived in the islands for 22 years, but it was one life in my 30's and another in my 40's.
Because I feel passionately about my art and my fellow artists, I won't abide that we shrug our shoulders and accept that DC is not the place for an artist, or that when a DC based artist becomes established, then they'll make it to a NY gallery. WHY? This town is full of very well educated, cultured, international, sophisticated, powerful people. There was a time when we had a true posse of DC greats, who were as revered as any NY based artist.
We cannot underestimate the power of the press. I answered the critic from the Post because I believe it is imperative that our newspaper supports our art community. The art buying public reads the paper. They are swayed by the critic's opinion in the cleverly written articles. The reader who is planning to invest in art doesn't find legtimate critiques about the DC art community in the Post, but finds instead, huge scathing put downs. Thus, the Post is guilty of starving artists, undermining gallerists and robbing this city of it's artistic identity.

Friday, July 29, 2005

crack o'dawn

Up early for our monthly meeting at the salon. Anything can be tedious or banal if you let it be. It's up to us to energize our surroundings. I could be really put upon that I don't paint every day any more, or I can make the most of the what I am doing. The marketing people at Ratner Co. are helping me to put together a "cut-a-thon" to support SYNERGY. I am so excited to have this opportunity for the project. It's a win-win event and fun for everyone. This is what D.C. do something different. We're thinking of art and music and haircuts all at once.
Gotta go. See you Friday?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Anne C. Fisher Gallery presents Beyond Synergy




Washington, DC 22 July 2005. Beyond Synergy is a story of how one art project turns into another one… how creative energy evolves and shifts. Beyond Synergy evolved from SYNERGY, artist Marsha Stein’s vision to support the Washington DC arts community to enhance public awareness and appreciation of visual art through an innovative public arts project.

To recognize the excellence of the numerous artist submissions to SYNERGY, Anne C. Fisher, who served as a juror for the project, collaborated with Maryam Ovissi, chairperson of Evolving Perceptions to provide an exhibition for these artists. Beyond Synergy is co-sponsored by Evolving Perceptions, a Washington DC based non-profit organization dedicated to culturally diverse artists. See

This wide ranging and exciting collection of work will feature glimpses of nine of our area’s finest artists: Erin A. Antognoli (mixed media), Joan Belmar (collage), Ellen Hill (handmade paper), Soumiya Krishnaswamy (alternative material), Jin Lee (painting and sculpture), Rosemary Luckett (sculpture), Mashasti Mudd (installation), Luis Peralta (painting) and Aaron Stratten (painting).

The exhibition will be on view 5 August through 8 September 2005

Anne C. Fisher Gallery at Canal Square in Georgetown, 1054 31st St., NW, Mezzanine. Two receptions will be held for Beyond Synergy:

Artists Reception on Friday, 5 August 6pm-8pm

Third Friday Reception on Friday, 19 August, 6pm-8pm.

Summer Gallery Hours are 12N-6pm Friday & Saturday. More information at 202.625.7555, or

Thank you Ann! I'm looking forward to this opening.

Monday, July 25, 2005

James Bailey

This is an ignorant posting because I haven't read James' blog. I just looked at the pix 'cause Lenny said there were ex girlfriend nekkid shots. Well done James! Beautiful photos. Genius. You made me look.